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Catamaran sailing on Lake Garda, Italy - wind and weather

Different catamarans for different conditions

Our carefully chosen fleet of catamarans enables you to choose a catamaran to suit the conditions and the level of excitement you want. In stronger winds, the Hobie15 remains a stable platform for up to 5 people and often drier and easier to tack than the Hobie 18. When the wind is less, lighter sailors can consider taking the 16CX and twin-trapeze it with ease. The 14 is great for two teenagers or one expert, single-handed.

Wind and conditions

Renowned for its two thermal winds, l'Ora and il Peler, Lake Garda offers conditions to suit every level of windsurfer and all of our training courses. Unlike most other thermal locations, where the wind turns up on only a few summer afternoons, these winds blow throughout the year. The morning wind, ‘Peler’, arrives from the North and starts at first light, blowing anything from Beaufort 4-6. This wind dies away at around 11am as the air temperature rises and is ideal for intermediate and expert catamaran sailors who are familiar with 'flying' a hull and, if it is required, capsize recovery..

After about 11am, the southerly breeze, ‘Ora’, starts up and by midday is ideal for beginners. The ‘Ora’ continues to build in strength into the afternoon reaching its peak of 3-4 Beaufort by about 2pm. This afternoon wind, with relatively flat water compare to the sea, provides perfect conditions to learn and practise such manoeuvres as faster tacks over small waves, controlled gybing, gennaker and trapeze work as well as good old-fashioned flat water blasting.

Safety on Lake Garda

We have a safety boat on the water at all times with qualified boat drivers. This is particularly important for those sailing in stronger winds, often many miles away from the sailing centre and whose technique and capsize-recovery skills may not be fully developed. Safety cover is provided free to all clients including those bringing their own equipment. We would ask our clients to abide by our decisions and to refrain from sailing when the red flag is flying. In all cases, our objective is for our clients to have maximum fun, safely.

excel safety boats

Clothing - usually shorts and t-shirt with a buoyancy aid

Summer air temperatures in this part of Italy vary between 24°c and 32°c with the breeze to keep it cool. Shorts, a rash vest and buoyancy aid are all that is required for sailing and windsurfing with the water temperature between 19°c and 24°c. In the early mornings a shortie is useful until the sun is fully up.

Air temperatures in spring and autumn vary between 16°c and 25°c with the wind often more pronounced in this period. A ‘combi’  wetsuit is required in the mornings with a shortie being adequate for the rest of the day.

If you need harnesses for trapeze work, we have a wide selection and can provide specific courses or coaching in using them . If you want to purchase equipment before you come out here, or while you are out here, Gul clothing products are available through the online shop Tutto Per La Vela

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