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RYA dinghy sailing courses, coaching and rental

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RYA dinghy sailing school - courses for beginners, improvers and experts

We can offer formal RYA sailing courses from beginner to expert, wind conditions permitting, over a period of days or weeks. Our 9-hour rapid course is based upon two hours a day at a time agreed with your instructor and is aimed at achieving your objectives within a one-week stay on Lake Garda. We often provide courses over longer periods for regular visitors or those on longer holidays. You will be able to learn in a wide variety of boats and can develop skills ranging from single-handed sailing to trapeze and gennaker use and racing techniques.

Most of our instruction is personal with one instructor teaching a family or small group who have booked together. When we have large numbers of clients we sometimes group together sailors of similar standards and requirements but group sizes do not exceed 6 people per instructor.

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Our instructors are English, German or Italian but all speak excellent English.

Our instructors are trained by the RYA (Royal Yachting Association), the Italian FIV (Federazione Italiana Vela) or the German VDWS.


If you want to mix windsurfing and catamaran sailing with your dinghy sailing, we can arrange that.

Talk to Alison or Charles on +39 338 6053096 or email to discuss your requirements.

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Our wide range of equipment means that we have dinghies and sails (which can be dacron school sails or mylar race sails and full or reefed) to suit the young, old, fit, not-so-fit, brave and not-so-brave, ensuring that everyone can progress at their own speed.

Most of our boats are available with gennakers and trapeze and some can be changed from school to race configuration to suit different courses or rental requirements

Short dinghy sailing courses - tailored for you and for a holiday on Lake Garda

Dinghy funsail - 1 or 2 hours

One or two hours with an instructor experiencing a modern, fast sailing dinghy or a relaxing cruise for the whole family

£44.00 per person for one hour,
£58.00 per person for two hours

Beginners Course - 6 or 10 hours tuition

A week’s course with either 6 or 10 hours of personal tuition to develop you from having little or no experience of a sailing dinghy to a confident dinghy sailor. The instructor will agree specific learning targets with you and advise you on the time needed to attain new skills.

£145.00 per person - 6 hours tuition
£230.00 per person - 10 hours tuition

RYA dinghy sailing courses - certificated courses, recognised worldwide

RYA Level 1 (Start Sailing) - 2 days

A two-day sailing course, with the focus on time on the water. Price includes the certificate and all personal equipment.

£245.00 per person 

RYA Level 2 (Basic Skills) - 2 days

Building on your Level 1 certificate, an additional 2 days should give you your RYA level 2 certificate. This will make you a competent dinghy sailor and enable you to sail by yourself or to hire a boat

£245.00 per person 
Combined Level 1 and Level 2 course (3 days sailing) £365.00 per person 

RYA Level 3 (Better Sailing) - 2 days

This course is great if you want to build on your your level 2 skills or just practice a little bit more. You can also learn more about racing, fast maneouvres, strong wind sailing or spinnaker handling.

£245.00 per person 

RYA Stages 1 to 4 (Junior Dinghy sailing)

For children looking to learn to sail the RYA offer a great scheme similar to the adults. Stage 1 and 2 combined would take 3 days and stage 3 and 4 separate take two days each.

£365.00 per person for Junior Stages 1 & 2
£245.00 per person for Junior Stage 3
£245.00 per person for  Junior Stage 4

RYA Seamanship skills - 2 days

By the end of seamanship course you will be capable of manoeuvring a dinghy in a seaman-like manner. Learning to sail in more adverse conditions such as having no rudder or no centreboard are just a couple of the challenging tasks.

£245.00 per person 

RYA Sailing with spinnakers - 2 days

Already completed your RYA level 2 and fancy something a bit faster? The two day course will get you flying down the lake in no time (and, of course, here at Lake Garda, flying up the lake in the afternoon)

£245.00 per person 

Coaching, tuition and rental only

Personal Tuition

Sailed before? Specific skill you want to learn? Private tuition, it’s up to you what you want to learn. Price includes a suitable boat and use of all necessary personal equipment

£36.00 per hour

Dinghy rental and launching facilities only

Europa Holiday clients' price, includes all equipment, including wetsuits, buoyancy aids, trapeze harnesses (if required)

from £27.00 for 2 hours using smaller boats
to £46.00 for 2 hours using advanced boats

Bespoke packages

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