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Our fleet of sailing dinghies for courses and rental

At our beach, we have great dinghies to learn in or to rent

A brief summary of each boat in the Topper range is provided below. The entire range is renowned for its high build quality, attention to detail and incredible value for money. For more details on a specific boat, click on the boat name to visit the Topper UK website.

We can help you choose from this wide range to best suit the sailing conditions, your skill levels and the type of sailing that you want to do. For some of our courses you will use single-handed boats while for others there can be up to four students in a boat (either with an instructor or by yourselves).

  • Adult & child | 1 or 2 children
  • Very simple entry level fun sailing
  • Incredibly tough
  • Beach hire favourite
  • Simple to rig, simple to sail
  • Single handed adult or child
  • Proven sail trainer for schools
  • No. 1 youth racing class
  • Proven family fun boat
  • ISAF and RYA Recognised Class
  • Britain's most popular sailboat
  • 1 or 2 adults | adult & child | 1 to 3 children
  • The most versatile sailboat ever!
  • Off the beach family fun
  • Ideal for entry level sailing
  • Add-On thrills for experts
  • Easy to handle and very robust
  • ISAF Recommended Class
  • Holiday companies most popular product
  • 1 or 2 adults | adult & child
  • Family sailing
  • Club racing
  • Optional gennaker and trapeze sailing
  • Very robust
  • Best value performance day boat
  • All the family | 1 to 5 people
  • Versatile fast day cruising sail boat
  • Manageable performance and spacious
  • Very robust
  • Best value family day boat
  • Holiday company and school favourite
  • 2 adults | adult & child | 2 children
  • Fast, fun and forgiving
  • Novice to racer
  • Very robust
  • Best value club racing boat
XENON ISO RS800 racing skiff at Europa Holidays
  • 2 person adult racing
  • Fast, fun and forgiving
  • Superb racing
  • Very robust
  • Best value 2-crew modern racing sailboat
  • ISO racing dinghy
  • Fast, expert sailing
  • Modern fast trapeze, asymmetric dinghy
  • Available to experienced sailors only
  • RS800 skiff
  • Fast, expert sailing
  • Modern twin trapeze, asymmetric dinghy
  • Available to experienced sailors only

Class associations

Up to date and useful advice can be found at the relevant class associations of the more racing-oriented boats

ISO Xenon / Omega email link