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Places to go and things to do

Riva del Garda Torbole lakeside house The spectacular small castle above Arco, a great day trip out from Malcesine Limone Monte Blado, above Lake Garda
Riva del Garda Torbole Arco castle Limone on top of Monte Baldo

Local towns and sights

We know that not every day is a windsurfing or sailing day and for some holiday makers, its the other activities that are most fun for them. The area around Malcesine and the north of lake garda is full of ancient towns, villages, castles, shrines, waterfalls and spectacular rock features as well as boasting excellent and cheap places to eat.

Europa Holidays do not manage the following activities but can provide you with all the information you need and assistance with travelling to or from the venues. Most are within 30 minutes drive from our base at Navene, near Malcesine. Choose from the list below or try to visit them all.

  • Malcesine - bars and restaurants and small shops buried in narrow, cobbled streets with its fabulous castle and really interesting (no, seriously) wildlife and history exhibitions
  • Torri, Garda, Lasize - south of Garda and increasingly 'touristy' but worth the visit
  • Peschiera, Sirmione, Desanzano - traditional towns along the south shore with a 'Riveria' feel to them. Sirmione (on the peninsular at the south of the lake) has a very popular walled castle and monastery
  • Limone - directly opposite us at Navene and the first port of call for the main ferry from Malcesine. Ancient town with beautiful centre and imposing mountains above. Three fireworks displays and many beach parties every year.
  • Torbole, Riva del Garda and Arco to the north are all different ways of seeing Italians and Italy, and drinking and eating with them
  • Parco grotto, Cascate Varone, Valle di Ledro, Lago d'Iseo, Dro, Drene and the Disneyesque lake and castle at Castel Toblino

Boat trips around the lake

You can easily visit Limone, Riva del Garda and Torbole on the regular ferries that criss-cross the lake or sail a circle taking in all the towns. The wonderful Siora Veronica is also available for hire by groups.

The caves and waterfalls of Cascate Verone
Cascate Varone
The disneyesque Castel Torblino
Castel Toblino

Food, drink and retail therapy

Lake Garda is in the middle of the wine regions of Bardolino. Alto Adige and Valpolicella and there are many cantinas and enotecas to help you discover the varied and delicious wines. Pizza and pasta, rabbit, polenta, deer and fish are all local specialities not to mention the cheese, ice-cream and desserts!

Malcesine hosts a Saturday market where leather goods, ceramics, shoes and locally produced food can make great presents. To the north of the Lake there is a shoe outlet from where you can buy leading names at amazing prices. Most shops here now take credit cards but you may well get a better price for many good if you pay in cash and negotiate hard!

There are many local restaurant serving excellent food and the chance to seek out both Agriturismo and 'slow food' restaurants. Our favourite restaurant in Malcesine is 'Taverna dei Capitani' (pass our regards to Vittorio) while in Navene we have 'Ristorante Athos' (Loretta will be delighted to see you) which is at the sailing centre and filled in the evenings with non-sailors and sailors alike.

Taverna dei Capitanei
athos restaurant