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Malcesine, Navene, Campagnola and Val di Sogno

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While we are delighted if you want to sail and windsurf with us every day of your holiday, there is also lots to see and do away from the Lake and places to visit nearby.

Comune di Malcesine

The comune is the greater area centred around Malcesine and includes many small hamlets as well as the town of Malcesine itself (say "malchesne"). Each hamlet has its own character although the keenest sailors will appreciate Navene for its proximity to the sailing centre (400m).

Malcesine town

A beautiful town with compelling alleyways and cobbled streets with delights arounf every corner. A typical small Scaligeri castle is the visible feature but treasures await around every corner. For ice-cream lovers, the best ice-creams are to be found at the castle gate.


A tiny hamlet built up onto the hillside where there are a small group of family-run hotels and apartments, many of which we can arrange accommodation in. Navene is the best place to stay for keen sailors as its just 400m to the sailing centre (along the lakeside cycle path). The little Locanda Navene bar is great for a small beer on the way home if you're staying in Navene. The Vela Azzura offers good Italian cooking and a seat by the lakeside.

Since 2012 there has been a small Friday market opposite the Vela Azzura which is a convenient way to sample and to buy genuinely local produce.


The area to the north of Malcesine, stretching from the outskirts of Malcesine to close to the sailing centre, contains hotels and restaurants but no shops apart from a 'mini-market' about 800m from the sailing centre. For those who like their food simple and good value, the Speck Stube offers grilled chicken, sausages, pork ribs or mixed cold plate all with great chips and beers in an large graden area. It gets very busy in summer, so ask our advice on the best times and days to go.

Val di Sogno

Very beautiful and quiet, less well suited to groups wishing to sail with us every day but a lovely place to stay.

Transport around the comune

The little Tourist Bus which runs every hour on a loop from Malcesine to Cassone and back and then north towards Torbole, past Europa Holidays and the village of Navene and then back to Malcesine. Great for shopping trips or for eating and drinking in Malcesine with no designated driver (except the man driving the coach)

Click the bus for more details :-) Link to the Malcesine Tourist Bus map and timetable