Europa Holidays

Starboard boards and Severne sails - the perfect combination

Europa Holidays windsurf rental and windsurf school equipment

Rental boards - Kode, Carve, Futura, Isonic and ranges. Sizes from 103 l to 161 l.
School boards- Start, RIO and GO models, from the extra wide, short, but extremely stable Start L to the fast and manouverable GO 144.

Severne Sails are from three ranges: The larger sails are the cambered Overdrive for maximium power and stability , the Mojo are light and fast for freeride blasting and jumping and the Gator are freeride/wave sails in their smaller sizes, andprogressivefreeride sails in the mid to large sizes.

The right equipment for the right courses and for renting in all wind conditions

Kode 103 board for hire Kode 113 board for hire Carve 131 board for hire Carve 141 board for hire Carve 151 board for hire
Kode 103 tecnora Kode 113 tecnora Carve 131 tuffskin Carve 141 tuffskin Carve 151 tuffskin
Carve 161 board for hire Futura 121 board for hire Futura 141 board for hire Isonic 117 board for hire  
Carve 161 wood Futura 121 wood Futura 141 wood Isonic 117 carbon  
Gator sails test centre MOJO test centre Overdrive test centre
Starboard boards
Severne sails
GATOR: 4.2,4.7,5.0,5.3,5.7,6.5,7.0 MOJO: 6.7,7.5 OVERDRIVE: 8.5,9.5