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Group water sports, mountain sports and relaxation

Europa Holidays - Family holidays and watersports holidays and activity holidays on magical Lake Garda, Italy Some great group activities on and off the water A group of windsurfers being introduced to the sport

Corporate, university, college, club

From one day company bonding trips and incentive programmes through to college trips, participants can have a go at windsurfing, dinghy sailing, catamaran sailing, SUP'ing and kayaking. The group can mix this with adventure activities or just relaxing. A programme of activities can be created with the lead client with local transport managed by Europa Holidays. If you want us to organze adventure activities from other commercial organizations we will need advance payment to secure the venue.

Europa Holidays offers adults the possibility of taster lessons of 1 or 2 hours to try windsurfing and/or sailing before signing up for a full course.  We also offer multi-sport taster sessions for residential groups so that a full range of windsurfing, dinghy sailing, catamaran sailing, kayaking and SUPing can be tried  with qualified instructors on the clean and beautiful waters of Lake Garda.

Bunch of friends

Many of our regular groups are clients and friends of clients where the members are different every year but the group is the same. We can tailor each years package to suit the group, which sometimes wants nothing but windsurfing and other years looks for the finest local restaurants.

Professional groups and team-building

We can provide safe adrenalin rushes for adult groups who want to try a wide range of sports, or just provide the hotel bookings and let you do your own planning. Boats and windsurfers can be reserved for the group with an advance payment.

Supporting families at regattas

With the regular national and international regattas, from the Olympic classes, through Optimists, 505's up to Esse 8.5s and RC44s, Europa is often asked to organize single evening events or small programmes for the whole fleet or, often during racing, activities for children and spouses of the competitors.

We are able to organize support vessels, including coaching RIBs and can help organize spectator boats such as the Siora Veronica

Junior sailors relax with games between lessons
A group of German doctors enjoying sailing and windsurfing on Lake Garda 
 siora veronica - available for group hire

Recent groups programmes arranged by Europa

  • Family groups at the 1998 ISO European championships
  • Topper test weeks at the Topper Worlds
  • A bunch of Swiss doctors
  • Members of a Derbyshire sailing club
  • Staff from VW, Italy