Comune di Malcesine

The comune is the greater area centred around Malcesine and includes many small hamlets as well as the town of Malcesine itself (say “malchesne”). Each hamlet has its own character although the keenest sailors will appreciate Navene for its proximity to the sailing centre (400m).

The character of the towns is similar with older buildings on higher ground and the newer ones alongside the lake road. Whilst we are delighted if you want to sail and windsurf with us every day of your holiday, there is also lots to see and do away from the lake and places to visit nearby.


A tiny hamlet built on the hillside with family-run hotels and apartments. Navene is the best place to stay for keen sailors as its just 400m to the sailing centre (along the lakeside cycle path).

The Locanda Navene is great for a beer on the way home or a meal on the piazza, the Vela Azzurra offers a wood pizza oven and the Oliveto has a garden restuarant, all with lake views.


The area to the north of Malcesine, stretching from the outskirts to close to our sailing centre, contains hotels and restaurants but no shops apart from a 'mini-market' about 500m from our sailing centre.

For those who like their food simple and good value, the Speck Stube offers grilled chicken, sausages, pork ribs or mixed cold plate all with great chips and beers in an large garden area.


A beautiful town with compelling alleyways and cobbled streets with delights around every corner with many restaurants and shops. The typical Scaligeri castle is the visible feature but treasures await around every corner.

For ice-cream lovers, the best ice-creams are to be found at the castle gate.

Val di Sogno

Very beautiful and quiet, less well suited to groups wishing to sail with us every day but a lovely place to stay. It's also the site of our nearest A&E which we hope non-one will need.


The local tourist bus runs every hour (except 14:00) on a loop from the town centre (on the hour), south to Cassone (past Val di Sogno) and the back north to 2km north of Navene. The last loop is at midnight.

The bus passes the sailing centre at xx:35 going North and xx:49 going south to Malcesine. On busy summer days, it often falls behind its schedule.

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