Europa Holidays catamaran fleet

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Europa Holidays catamaran fleet on Lake Garda

Catamaran rental

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Rental prices change annually. Check Europa Surf and Sail for current prices. Europa Holidays clients receive a 10% discount at the beach (in Euros) or you can pre-book a package in sterling.

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Europa catamaran rental and training fleet

A brief summary of each catamaran is provided below. Both Hobie and Topper ranges are renowned for their high build quality, attention to detail and incredible value for money. For more details on a specific boat, visit the Topper UK website or the Hobie website. We can help you choose from this wide range to best suit the sailing conditions, your skill levels and the type of sailing that you want to do. For some of our courses you will use single-handed catamarans while for others there can be up to four students in a catamaran (either with an instructor or by yourselves).

Catamarans for beginners, improvers and advanced sailors

Whether you pre-book or book when you get here, everything you need is included in the price and is at the beach. Buoyancy aids, wetsuits (shorty wetsuits are advised in all but the hottest weather), boots and gloves come with the package, along with a friendly smile and help to launch. Boats are rigged for you and we’ll launch you and usually catch you when you return. We only ask that you read our safety and launch and return notes before you set out for the first time.

Training fleet catamarans

– used for entry-level sailing courses


catamaran rental hobie 18
  • 2 or 3 adults | family group (lighter winds)
  • Twin trapeze for advanced sailors
  • Option to use gennaker (extra cost, must be pre-booked)
  • Big catamaran suits larger sailors
  • Fast and spectacular
  • Typical rental: £49/ 1 hr, £74 / 2 hrs
    –  includes buoyancy aids and wetsuits


catamaran rental hobie 15
  • 2 or 3 adults | family group (lighter winds)
  • Twin trapeze for advanced sailors
  • Medium catamaran suits lighter sailors
  • Perfect for training
  • Boom-less mainsail
  • Typical rental £41 / 1 hour
    – £65 / 2 hours


catamaran rental Topaz 14
  • Adult | Adult & child | 1 to 3 children
  • Very forgiving and simple to sail
  • Suits lighter sailors or youth sailor
  • Gennaker available (extra cost)
  • Typical rental £37 / 1 hour
    – £61 / 2 hours


catamaran rental Topaz 12
  • 1 adult or child | 2 children
  • Ideal for lighter weights
  • Proven sail trainer for schools
  • ISAF and RYA Recognised Class
  • Typical rental £37 / 1 hour
    – €61 / 2 hours

Advanced catamarans

– used for rental and coaching


catamaran rental Topaz 16
  • 2 Adults & child | Adult & child
  • Furiously fast and fun
  • Very forgiving and simple to sail
  • Typical rental: £41 / 1 hr, £65 / 2 hrs
    –  includes buoyancy aids and wetsuits
  • Gennaker option £57 / £82
  • Renters must show evidence of ability


catamaran rental Topaz 14 XTREME
  • 1 Adult | 1 or 2 youths
  • Fast and fun for experts
  • Rigged with gennaker
  • Suits lighter sailors
  • Typical rental £45 / 1 hour
    – £70 / 2 hours


Catamaran rental Hobie F18 Tiger
  • 2 experienced adults
  • Fast, immense fun and spectacular
  • Experienced catamaran sailors only
  • Can be supplied with gennaker (extra cost)
  • Typical rental £65 / 1 hr
    – £98 / 2 hrs
  • Check availability before booking

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