Europa Holidays foiling fleet on Lake Garda

Laser and WASZP foiling on Lake Garda
WASZP racing on Garda

Foiling training

Europa Holidays clients can pre-book a package in £ Sterling or rent at the beach (in Euros) and receive a 10% discount 

Course prices change annually with UK exchange rate. Please check Europa Surf and Sail for current Euro prices.

Foiling lessons are subject to change to suit the weather. We aim to offer beginners priority when conditions are optimal for them. 

Europa foiling fleet - WASZP, Laser and windsurf

The WASZP is a ONE DESIGN boat that comes from the experience of moth designer Andrew McDougall. Made in Australia, it is marketed all over the world. Although the project is relatively young – the boat was presented in 2015 and marketed in 2016 – it has already achieved incredible success. Many sailing enthusiasts have decided to buy a WASZP to start flying on water, as an alternative to the much more expensive MOTH.

A brief summary of each foil craft is shown below. The WASZP is a new design by Andrew McDougall, the co-developer of the Mach 2 Moth and is designed to be affordable and simple to foil for juniors and adults alike. For more details on the WASZP, visit the WASZP Rocks Test Centre website located at our beach centre or the main WASZP website. The Starboard foiling kit can be seen at Starboard Foiling and the Laser kit at Foiling week Facebook page.

We can help you choose your lesson schedule to best suit the likely sailing conditions, your skill levels and the type of sailing that you want to do. Some students may like to learn sailing with a tiller extension and wings before trying the WASZP or Laser – ask us to create a package for you.

Foiling for beginners, improvers and advanced sailors

Our approach to a foiling course is to practice the elements of balance and control with an instructor before flying on your own. This avoids wasting money on swimming lessons!.

Our four-step approach to the WASZP for students with little or no experience of sailing out on the wings with a long tiller extension – you can start at any point

Tacking with wings

  • Learn balance and tacking principles
  • Instructor onboard – but you sail
  • Fun in itself
  • Typical cost £50 / hour

The controls

  • Learn the basics of foiling controls
  • Close instructor supervision
  • Opportunity to rest and refocus
  • Typical cost £65 / hour

Power and height control

  • Instructor guidance
  • Beam reaches and close reaches
  • Typical costs £65 / hour

Develop your skills

  • Tacking and downwind reaches
  • Instructor briefing and support
  • Free sailing mixed with tacking and gybing lessons
  • Typical costs £poa

Whether you pre-book or book when you get here, everything you need is included in the price and is at the beach. Buoyancy aids, wetsuits, helmets, radio, boots and gloves come with the package, along with a friendly smile. 

See the range of courses and other options for learning to foil

Have you considered trying our traditional dinghies or windsurfers  ?

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