Europa Holidays mountain bike and road bike information

Fabulous biking around Lake Garda

Specialist shops in Malcesine and Torbole offer a wide range of road bikes, mountain bike and e-bikes and we can suggest convenient rental locations and touring options. We no longer rent our own bikes as many hotels offer simple bikes for free use along the cycleways.

Mountain biking above Lake Garda

Advanced trails on top of Monte Baldo

With a myriad of routes labelled and mapped like ski trails in order of difficulty you can enjoy spectacular biking either on the specially built cycleway by the lakeside or by taking the Malcesine Cable Car to Monte Baldo where there are technical tracks and precipitous downhills as well as long meandering tour routes with time to enjoy the spectacular alpine scenery and flowers.

Great trails for beginners to experts. Downhill and cross-country roads, tracks and mountain trails with the possibility to use the cable car. Take the Funivie del Baldo up 1840m and cycle back over trails from easy to severe – check the times and costs here and the latest maps here

If you don’t fancy a full trail and return home, you can plan your ride to finish in Torbole and take ferry back to Malcesine which is only 4km from our beach, using the lakeside cycleway to get make to Navene.

Full-suspension downhill bikes and e-bikes can be rented from many locations. Serious bikers should bring their own SPD pedals and boots.

Cruising around Malcesine

Biking along the Sarca pathway
Biking along the Sarca river
The newly re-built walk- and cycleway runs over a 20km route from north of Navene (The home of Europa Holidays) to the south of Malcesine at the beautiful Val di Sogno (valley of dreams) and on down to Brenzone. Whether its a quick dash to the shops, restaurants and wine bars of Malcesine or a gentle family outing along the lakeside, the cycleway provides a safe, fun and active way to explore the lake front.

There are also roads and tracks running around the towns and villages and even one alongside the Sarca river which takes you past Arco, with its beautiful castle and watch tower, through the moraines below the ancient towns of Drena and Dro and eventually into the Dolomite mountains and over the Brenner pass to Munich. These routes are best reached by taking a ferry or car to Torbole to avoid the road tunnels.

If you are staying in Navene, bikes are a great option to get into Malcesine in the evening, the cycle way is illuminated and Malcesine is about 4km from Navene, all on the flat.

New cycleway from Limone (halfway) to Riva del Garda

On the far side of the lake, a brand new, cantilevered cycleway has been started, planned to run all the way to Riva del Garda (and join the cycleway from Torbole). Currently it only stretches 5km but makes a wonderful, gentle adventure with stunning views of the lake. 

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