Europa Holidays windsurfing on Lake Garda

Windsurf rental equipment - sails
Severne sails waiting to go

Windsurf rental

Europa Holidays clients can pre-book a package in £ Sterling or rent at the beach (in Euros) and receive a 10% discount 

Rental prices change annually. Please check Europa Surf and Sail for current prices.

Europa windsurf boards and sails for rental and training

Rental boards – Kode, AtomiQ, Isonic. Sizes from 103 litres to 161 litres. School boards- Start, RIO and GO models, from the extra wide, short, but extremely stable Start L to the fast and manouverable GO 144. Severne Sails are from three ranges: the larger sails are the cambered Overdrive for maximium power and stability , the Mojo are light and fast for freeride blasting and jumping and the Gator are freeride/wave sails in their smaller sizes and progressive freeride sails in the mid to large sizes.

Windsurfers will only be rented to guests able leave safely from our beach and to stay upwind.

Our RYA Beginner course or VDWS ‘Grundschein’ provide a certificate that we and other centres recognize as confirming this level of competence.

Europa windsurf sails for rental and training 

Normally, beginner boards and intermediate boards are supplied with dacron sails and advanced boards with mylar sails. Mylar sails can be provided with intermediate boards for a small, additional cost.


Windsurf equipment for beginners, improvers and advanced sailors

Whether you pre-book or book when you get here, everything you need is available at the beach. Buoyancy aids are included in the price and are mandatory on Lake Garda, wetsuits (shorty wetsuits are advised in all but the hottest weather), boots and gloves can be rented separately or as a package. 

Boards and sails are rigged for you and we’ll usually catch you when you return. We ask that you listen to our safety and launch and return instructions before you set out for the first time.

See the range of windsurf courses and other options for learning to windsurf

Have you considered dinghies, catamarans or our foiling WASZP ?

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