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Europa Holidays foiling WASZP courses on Lake Garda

Foiling courses

learning to foil the WASZP
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For sailors wanting the speed of wind-surfers and the sensation of flying, the all-new foiling WASZP delivers and we are the leading proponent of the boat in Italy.
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WASZP foiling courses

– for all ages and levels
We offer foiling courses from beginner to expert, wind conditions permitting, usually spread over a number of days to ensure optimal wind conditions for each development stage. There are no certificate courses yet from the RYA or VDWS but we aim to get you foiling before the ink is dry on the drafts.
We aim to fit our training to your holiday – not your holiday to our training!

Foiling sailing

– personal tuition, fast track
Most of our instruction is personal with one instructor teaching you or a very small group. Group sizes will not exceed 3 people per instructor. Whether you pre-book or book when you get here, everything you need is included in the price and is at the beach. Buoyancy aids, wetsuits (to protect you at speed), boots and gloves come with the package, along with a friendly smile.

Foiling courses for adults and juniors

The prices below are for Europa Holidays clients who have booked accommodation through us and reflect a discount of approx.  10% discount on prices paid at the beach. People wanting to book WASZP courses without accommodation should look at Europa Surf and Sail Foiling training for prices in Euros and contact Europa Surf and Sail directly at

1 hour lesson

Sail with instructor support
  • One hour sailing with an instructor in a support boat + all equipment included – no experience necessary

2 hour lesson

Sail with instructor support
  • Two hours sailing with an instructor in a support boat + all equipment included – best for experienced sailors ! two hours may be too much

ESS Foiling

Learn foiling
  • A series of sessions which will show you how to foil a WASZP. Early sessions may be in other types of boat. Duration: 6 hours + all equipment is provided – no experience necessary !  students should be confident in and around water

Fast-track package

Our approach path of using other 2-person, winged boats to develop balance and timing skills will suit the young, old, fit, not-so-fit, brave and not-so-brave, ensuring that everyone can progress at their own speed. Our WASZPs can be rigged with large sail or small sail, ensuring that junior sailors can also progress fast.

Combine the excitements

If you want to mix other sailing with your WASZP training, we can arrange that. Talk to Alison or Charles on +39 338 6053096 or email to discuss your requirements. Visit our  kayak and bike pages to see other activities and options available at the beach.
Foiling course instructor Marco
Our WASZP instructors are English or Italian. They are trained by the RYA, FIV or VDWS trained in windsurfing, dinghies and catamarans and are leading the development of foiling training.

foiling courses