Europa Holidays foiling courses on Lake Garda

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junior sailor foiling
WASZP Test Centre

Beginners, improvers and experts

We offer foiling courses, wind conditions permitting, as a number of sessions over an agreed persiod.

Most sailors new to foiling will become tired before two hours is up, so we offer a package of short sessions.

Foiling for the first time requires a good wind but not too much swell, so our course is based upon first getting you to the beach where you may have to wait for the right moment !

As well as the WASZP, we can offer foiling on a Laser or a windsurfer, although you will need experience of sailing the non-foiling versions of each of those.

Foiling school - WASZP, windsurf and Laser

Instructor-led, personal, fast-track

You will be able to learn with an instructor demonstrating and providing suppport from a powerboat, with a radio helmet.. Most of our instruction is personal with one instructor teaching a family or small group who have booked together. When we have large numbers of clients we sometimes group together sailors of similar standards and requirements but group sizes do not exceed 3 people per instructor.

WASZP foiling courses

For sailors wanting the speed of wind-surfers and the sensation of flying, the all-new foiling WASZP delivers and we are the leading proponent of the boat in Italy.

Fast-track package

Our WASZPs can be rigged with 8.2m or 6.9m sail, ensuring that lighter sailors can also progress fast. 

We use powerboat support with an  on-.board instructor to demonstrate technique, ensuring that everyone can progress at their own speed.

Never sailed a dinghy?

Some new students will take immediately to the WASZP but for those who want some time understanding using steering, power and weight in a sailing dinghy, we will start you in a non-foiling boat.

Laser foiling courses

For Laser sailors wanting the sensation of flying, the all-new foiling kit, developed by WASZP for Lasers, delivers!

Foiling Laser

At the beach we have a Lser rigged with the kit and the videos of it foiling have gonbe viral. This kit actually works!


See the video here

Windsurf foiling courses

Windsurfers who are already able to plane and use footstraps can experience foiling with our Starboard foil kit, shown below.

Safety and learning

We insist on using a helmet and radio for WASZP foiling and can provide these for LAser and windsurf foiling lessons.

BB Talkin communication

Popular courses

The prices below are for Europa Holidays clients who have booked accommodation through us and reflect a discount of approx.  10% discount on prices paid at the beach. People wanting to book WASZP or other foiling courses without accommodation should look at Europa Surf and Sail Foiling training for prices in Euros and contact Europa Surf and Sail directly at 

Try lesson

£ 70
  • 1 hour
  • All equipment provided
  • Good dinghy sailing skills needed for fast progression
  • Should be confident in the water

Try lesson

Laser or windsurf
£ 60
  • 1 hour
  • All equipment provided
  • Good dinghy sailing / windsurfing skills needed for fast progression
  • Should be confident in the water

6-hour ESS

Learn the basics
£ 290
  • 4 to 6 sessions
  • All equipment provided
  • No experience necessary
  • Should be confident around water

Full course

WASZP only
£ 480
  • Two days or 4 half-days
  • All equipment provided
  • No experience necessary
  • Should be confident around water

Catamarans for beginners, improvers and advanced sailors

Whether you pre-book or book when you get here, everything you need is included in the price and is at the beach. Buoyancy aids, wetsuits (shorty wetsuits are advised in all but the hottest weather), boots and gloves come with the package, along with a friendly smile. 

Boats are rigged for you and we’ll launch take you out to your craft by powerboat or help you launch and catch when you return. We only ask that you listen carefully to our safety and launch and return briefings.

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